Dwarf fruit trees for the home gardener

Whether you have a big garden or a small courtyard, you’ll find a wide range of fruit trees from PlantNet. We have everything you need to create a flourishing garden filled with fresh fruit. From stone fruits to dwarf citrus trees and everything in between, your fruit bowl will never be empty!

We’re a team of passionate gardeners and specialise in developing dwarf ornamental and fruit tree varieties that produce a high volume of delicious fruit for the home gardener. Not only are our products available from garden centres nation wide, we offer a selection of our dwarf fruit trees for sale online. We also have a range of resources to help you plant, harvest and enjoy our trees in your backyard. Create a thriving, fruitful garden with PlantNet and shop our dwarf fruit trees at a local nursery near you or online!

Winter bareroot tree pre-order dates 2024

Shipment 1 – Orders placed 7/3/2024 – 16/06/2024 to be shipped July 1

Shipment 2 – Orders placed 17/06/2024 – 14/07/2024 to be shipped July 29

Shipment 3 – Orders placed 15/07/2024 – 04/08/2024 to be shipped August 14

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Popular fruit tree collections

Explore our exclusive range of dwarf fruit trees for sale. Our varieties are created with traditional plant breeding methods to become the best fruit tree varieties for you to enjoy.

Backyard Beauties™

A large range of dwarf fruit trees and other exceptional fruit trees which are perfect for pots, tubs, confined spaces, and feature plantings. They are fruit trees you can be successful with – with big fruit!

Cherry Celebration®

A PlantNet exclusive. These cherry varieties have great eating characteristics, are all self-pollinating and have dwarfing tree size.

Signature Collection®

Created for exceptional or different ornamental varieties. Stunning flowers and foliage, or disease resistance, sets this collection apart. This selection is complete with varieties to inspire your garden design for years to come!

Tropical Sensations®

A range of low chill peach and nectarine trees, perfect for the warmer climates of Queensland, Northern New South Wales and Western Australia.

Why choose PlantNet


We’re proud to work with fruit tree growers across Australia to produce plants you can enjoy and be successful with in your garden.

Wide variety

Discover everyday staples and more unique varieties. Choose fruit trees that suit your climate, garden space and tastebuds.

Available Near You

Our exclusive varieties can be found at a local nursery stockist near you. Purchase our products while supporting your local nursery!

Plant Care – Home of the home gardener

Get advice from the experts and take a look at the guides, tips, resources and videos on Plant Care. Discover everything you need to know about picking the right fruit trees for your garden, caring for them and getting the most out of your harvest.

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