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a-okay™ Plum – for a Blast of Antioxidants

‘A-okay’ is a well known Aussie expression meaning everything is all good and as it should be, and you’ll be a‑okay with this healthy plum. The more fruit you eat the more potential benefits to your health there will be.

Research findings state that higher consumption levels of antioxidant fruit are beneficial in supporting the human body’s immune system. Laboratory tests show that the a‑okay™ Plum has the highest antioxidants and potential health benefits of any plum variety available to home gardeners. The best potential health benefits of high antioxidant fruit are achieved when both the skin and flesh are consumed. a‑okay™ Plum is offered as both full-size trees and dwarf trees by PlantNet® nurseries.

A prolific cropping tree producing large numbers of dark-skinned plums with blood-red flesh and a small seed. New growth is a beautiful burgundy colour throughout the growing season.

Pollination is required from another plum variety which flowers at the same time. Suggestions are Ruby Blood plum, Narrabeen plum, Mariposa plum or Satsuma plum. 

Available from the online shop as DWARF ONLY.

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