Backyard Boosters™

Backyard Boosters™ is a PlantNet® range hailed for their health benefits. Each variety has been selected for exceptional fruiting, easy maintenance, and health improving fruit qualities. Research conducted on our famed A-okay™ Plum, available as a full sized or dwarf tree, shows that it has the highest anti-oxidants and potential health benefits over any other plum currently available to the home gardener!

Our fabulous Dwarf Monty’s Surprise® Apple is a special apple selected by PlantNet® based on scientific reports showing it has some of the highest flavonoids and antioxidant levels, both in the skin and flesh, of any apple variety found in the world (many times higher). This special apple variety also has high micro nutrient levels. It has been reported by health organisations around the world that high levels of these naturally occurring compounds are beneficial in supporting the immune system.

Recently added to the Backyard Boosters™ range are our Midnight Velvet Pomegranate and Red Velvet Pomegranate. Pomegranates contain a mix of Vitamin C, folates and antioxidants and consist of many close-packed red grains (arils), and segments that are separated by a non-edible white pith. The arils contain a seed surrounded by an edible juicy pulp.

Research findings show that the higher consumption levels of antioxidant fruit are beneficial in supporting the human body’s immune system.

Shop our A-okay™ Plum online during our winter bareroot sales, or find it at your closest garden centre.

Shop our Midnight Velvet and Red Velvet pomegranates online all year, or find it at your closest garden centre.

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