Blueberry bushes

Explore our blueberry plants for sale, exclusive to PlantNet. Bred in Australia, our blueberry plants suit warm and cool climates and thrive best in pots or tubs. By pairing our two blueberry plant varieties, you’ll double the harvesting period, giving you a six to an eight-month constant supply of extra-large fruit bursting with antioxidants. With their beautiful flowers and sweet fruit, these naturally dwarfing, evergreen bushes are a landscaper and chef’s dream. You’ll find the best blueberry plants online and at your local nursery from PlantNet.

PlantNet® offers the home gardener two exceptional blueberry varieties bred in Australia and selected by PlantNet® for their suitability to both warm and cool winter climates. These blueberry varieties are self-pollinating and have extra large sweet fruit, which grow on naturally dwarfing, evergreen bushes with high crop loads.

Blueberry Burst® crops early in the season for three to four months. In warmer climates like Queensland, the harvest begins in July. In cooler areas the harvest begins in August/September.

Blueberry Kisses® will follow soon after for another three to four months. Buy one of each variety and you will have a constant supply of fruit for six to eight months.

Beginning and length of harvest will vary depending region, climate and how the plants are grown. 

Plants purchased through the online shop are shipped to customers every Monday or Tuesday from the previous week of orders.

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Our 6 Favourite Alternative Uses For Blueberries

From about July until March, Aussies enjoy putting blueberries in as many foods as we possibly can. Smoothies, cakes, pies, pancakes, in marinades, cocktails; if we can add blueberries, you can bet that we will. However, blueberries are such a great, versatile fruit that you can do more with them than just eat them. The team at PlantNet have been celebrating the humble blueberry for years, and we’re excited to share with you our tips and tricks to making the most of your blueberries. When you see blueberry plants for sale in Australia, make sure to grab one, because it’s a fantastic investment!

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