Fruit trees

All fruit tree varieties sold by PlantNet and its associated nurseries are from plant breeders who only use traditional plant breeding methods, with no artificial methods used.

Winter bare root fruit tree sales are now CLOSED for 2021

NOTE:Refer to the stockist retail nursery stockist tab above for retail nurseries who have purchased PlantNet products.

Pollination Partners:

Sold together to ensure optimum cropping for the varieties.

Suggested pairs or partners:

Varieties which compliment each other. Our Pollination Partners and Suggested Pairs are the most cost effective shipping options.



Shipping information:
  • We do not ship to  PO Box’s, please provide a street address.
  • We do not ship plants to countries outside of Australia due to contractual agreements and Biosecurity laws. Do not try and purchase our products from outside of Australia and arrange for a third party freight forwarder to ship to your country as this is against Australian Biosecurity laws.
  • We do not ship trees to WA, NT or TAS due to quarantine restrictions.


Fruit Trees For Sale

The Secret To Getting Seasonal Fruit All Year Round

If the sight of a ‘fruit trees for sale’ sign makes you feel excited, you’re not alone! The team at PlantNet adore our fruit trees, and we have a wide range of species to ensure your fruit bowl is never empty. The real secret to year-round seasonal fruit is this; buy backyard fruit trees that flower and fruit in different seasons! You’re never going to get big apple trees for sale that fruit in the summer and you’re never going to be able to grow juicy apricots in the winter months, so it’s best to cover all your seasons with a wide variety of trees.

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