Almond trees

Discover the almond trees for sale exclusive to PlantNet. Our dwarf almond tree best suits dry regions with semi-arid or Mediterranean climates. With a sweet, crisp flavour, this tree variety produces nuts that can be enjoyed raw or in cooking and stored in the shell for months. Almond trees are low-maintenance, producing beautiful white or pink flowers in Spring. They are ideal for confined spaces and perfect for any garden. You’ll find the best dwarf almond trees for sale online and at your local nursery from PlantNet.

The Backyard Beauties™ range of dwarf fruit trees consists of varieties which are either naturally dwarfing or are grown on a genuine dwarfing root stock exclusive to PlantNet® and its partner nurseries. This low maintenance almond variety is ideally suited for use in pots or tubs in confined spaces such as balconies, decks and courtyards, but is equally at home in larger acreages.

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