Citrus trees

Explore the range of citrus trees for sale, exclusive to PlantNet. Citrus trees like mandarins and lemons can be grown in pots or your garden and require year-round care to keep them looking good and growing well. When in bloom, citrus tree flowers produce a beautiful scent. The best reason to grow citrus trees? You’ll get a steady supply of fruits to add to delicious recipes. You’ll find the best range of PlantNet citrus trees for sale online and at your local nursery.

The PlantNet® citrus range consists of improved varieties such as the ever popular seedless Lemon Heaven® and Maestro Mandarin® which is low seeded and has the most flavoursome fruit of any mandarin available to home gardeners. All off PlantNets citrus are GRAFTED. Theses varieties are part of the Signature Collection® for exceptional fruit trees. Lemon Heaven® is offered in some states as both full size trees and dwarf lemon trees.

Not available from the online shop.