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Purchasing bareroot deciduous trees has been popular all over the world for hundreds of years – and we believe it’s one of the BEST ways to purchase a fruit tree or deciduous ornamental tree in winter. Many Australians don’t know the positives of bareroot fruit trees – some don’t even know what they are! Bareroot deciduous trees are those sold in winter with no potting mix or container encasing the roots.

If you’re new to gardening or setting up a new home orchard or edible patio, read on for our 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Bareroot Fruit Trees and Ornamentals!

1. Transplanting bareroot fruit trees results in more success than transplanting potted trees.

This isn’t to say that purchasing potted fruit trees is wrong or bad – it’s more to do with the tree being dormant. Dormant fruit trees that have been transplanted can overcome the shock of the event much easier than a transplanted potted tree in spring!

2. Bareroot trees are usually more affordable than potted trees.

Take away the costs of soil and potting mix, all you pay for is the work behind the fruit tree and shipping! It’s truly a win-win for all home gardeners.

3. You generally have more choice.

Bareroot fruit trees and ornamentals take up less space than potted trees, therefore many nurseries can carry more trees and varieties than they could if they were potted. Potted stock tends to be the most popular fruiting varieties, whereas you can find more unique fruit trees and ornamentals by buying bareroot! Keep an eye out for new varieties that won’t be offered again until Spring/Summer, such as our new range of dwarf pear trees – Summer Crunch®.

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4. You have complete control over the potting mix or soil that your fruit trees and ornamental trees are planted in.

You don’t have to battle with a root system – and risk extensive root damage – to knock off old potting mix. You can take control over the fertilising, microbial community, and soil structure straight away! This is great for organic gardeners and those of us trying to minimise our use of synthetic products.

5. You can co-plant pollination partners in the same hole to save space!

Often it’s hard to find co-planted fruit trees in pots, except for citrus. If space is limited in your backyard, you can purchase pollination partners or two different tree types to plant in the same hole. Not only can this increase pollination and your fruit trees yield, it can also be a magnificent backyard feature!

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There are a growing number of online stores selling bareroot deciduous fruit trees and ornamentals – simply pick your favourite or purchase directly from us! For help choosing the best tree for your situation, check out our article How to Set up a Potted Orchard in One Weekend.

PlantNet® specialises in dwarf fruit trees and we select only the most exceptional varieties for Aussie home gardeners. We have a huge array of products available in stores near you – take a look at our Stockist List  to find your closest PlantNet® stockist. Also available are our selection of fantastic ornamental varieties, blueberries, pomegranates, citrus, and a handful of full-sized trees!

Want more information? Check out our Plant Care page, where we post an array of useful information on all things fruit trees and blueberries! If you would like more advice or assistance, Contact Us.