Insect pest traps

Insect traps lure and kill insects as they get stuck to the sticky sides of the trap. Traps are used to observe the populations of pests to inform home gardeners on when controls should be used.

Codling Moth traps lure male moths to traps

The Qld Fruit Fly traps are designed to trap the males of each species, therefore minimising the number of pregnant females available to lay eggs.

PlantNet sells a range of these insect pest traps.

Replacement Lures

PlantNet also offers replacement lures for Codling Moth traps. Each pack has 3 lures which will last one season (each lure will last 4 weeks so a total of 12 weeks for one pack).

Make your own trap

An alternative to buying traps is to make your own sticky traps (i.e. use a plastic container such as a takeaway food container as the trap and purchase sheets of sticky paper from a hardware store from their pest products section) and then purchase the lures from PlantNet.

Making a DIY trap for all insect pests:

  1. Select a plastic container as pictured, rectangular or round.
  2. Cut or melt a 30 to 40mm hole in the middle of the top and the middle of the bottom of the container (these are the pest access holes).
  3. Pierce a small hole in the middle of one side and thread a cord through it to attach the trap to your fruit tree.
  4. Lay sticky paper as shown around the whole of the inside of the trap to catch insect pests.
  5. Place the insect lure into the trap on the sticky paper to attract the insects.

You can purchase lures for your trap here, and view a list of common pests and control options here.