How to use pest exclusion netting to protect your fruit trees

Protect your Crops! Why spray for Insect pests when there is a better alternative?

We now carry a range of netting suitable for protecting fruit trees and vegetables from birds, flying foxes and some insect pests. Our range is safe to wildlife due to the small mesh sizes. We have a number of netting options available.

When constructing permanent netting structures please remember fruit trees which require cross pollination from another variety that Bees will need access during flowering.

Please be advised when fastening netting to timber structures, sharp timber edges or other edges they should be be covered to avoid constant friction causing holes and rips in the netting. Also fencing staples and shade cloth fasteners should only be used if a 4 x thickness fold is made in the netting and fastened through this fold.

Options for netting structures

For pots

Push one cane stake into each corner of the pot, protect the net with a bottle or can and away you go.

For vegetable gardens

Flexible PVC or conduit pipe is ideal (note the brace in the top, two braces would be even better).

For permanent fruit tree structures


Star pickets (waratahs) and polythene pipe work well. The treated pine post and high tensile wire system far right can also be scaled down for smaller areas if required.

Short term protection options

Drape the netting directly over the tree or use poly pipe.

Please be aware when netting is draped onto trees, eventually tree branches will wear holes in the netting and branches will grow through the netting mesh and get caught.

PlantNet® Offers:


For protection of vegetable gardens or to cover fruit trees while they have fruit on them. Not for permanent use, more suited to seasonal use.

Available in two sizes:

Fruit Fly Net

This is a commercial netting widely used in the farming sector and ideal for permanent netting structures. The mesh is not as small as the VegeNet and will not keep out plague thrip and mite pests, however it will keep out moth or adult stages of many caterpillar pests. Fantastic for Fruit Fly protection!

Available in one size:

Pair your netting structure to netting type

Clearly the structure you choose for your garden will determine what net you use. Consider the length of time you need to cover your fruit trees for, the size of the tree, and the pest you’re protecting your crop from.

If you decide that netting isn’t the solution for you, you may like our other Pest Products.