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 PlantNet™ Exclusive Pomegranates

Pomegranates are ancient fruits, growing in popularity by the day. Experience the health benefits from your backyard to your kitchen, brought to you by these beautiful shrubs and exclusive to PlantNet™.

Research findings show that the higher consumption levels of antioxidant fruit are beneficial in supporting the human body’s immune system. Pomegranates contain a mix of Vitamin C, folates and antioxidants and consist of many close-packed red grains (arils), and segments that are separated by a non-edible white pith. The arils contain a seed surrounded by an edible juicy pulp.

Our pomegranate trees are suited to all regions except those prone to severe frosts. Pomegranate trees are an ideal landscaping option as they can be grown in pots or used as hedges or feature plants.

With a rich flavour perfect for wines, juices and cocktails, pomegranates are a popular choice of fruit tree to grow in gardens. You’ll find the best range of PlantNet™ pomegranate trees for sale online and at your local nursery.