How to Grow R-Ripper Raspberries

Growing Instructions for R-Ripper Raspberries®

This fantastic new range of raspberries make an excellent addition to Aussie gardens, no matter the size! These varieties are perfect to grow in containers on balconies and courtyards, and are equally at home planted in the ground.


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Site Selection

  • Sunshine – Choose a location that receives part shade to full sun, depending on the variety:
  • Thorns – While minimal, the thorns can be uncomfortable. Plant your raspberries in a location where you won’t brush against them often.
  • Spread – Raspberries can spread if planted in the ground. Consider using a pot to avoid the spread!


raspberry razzle

Raspberry Razzle™ is perfect for a pot!

Planting Raspberries Made Easy

In Pots:

  1. Choose a pot – Select a container at least 30cm in diameter.
  2. Fill with premium potting mix – Use a high-quality mix with the Australian Standard red tick and add pine bark for better structure.
  3. Mulch and water – Apply a layer of straw-based mulch or pine bark, and water thoroughly with a seaweed solution after planting.
  4. Maintain the mix – Top-dress, mulch, and re-fertilize throughout the year. Winter is an ideal time for repotting.


In the Ground:

  1. Prepare the soil – Amend your planting site with organic matter like aged manure, compost, and soil conditioners several weeks before planting.
  2. Dig and plant – Create a hole slightly larger than the nursery pot and plant your raspberry, backfilling with the improved soil.
  3. Mulch and water – Apply mulch and water thoroughly with a seaweed solution after planting.
raspberry rocket fruit

Raspberry Rocket™ Fruit


Now for the most important part – enjoying your delicious harvest! Here’s when to expect ripe berries:

  • Raspberry Razzle™ and Raspberry Golden Glitz™: Summer through autumn on new canes.
  • Raspberry Rocket™: Summer through early autumn on second-year canes.


Raspberry Razzle™ and Raspberry Golden Glitz™ are both floricane fruiting varieties, which means they will fruit on 1-year-old canes.

Raspberry Rocket™ is a primocane variety, which means it will fruit on 2-year-old canes. Second year canes will produce short laterals which flower and fruit!

Therefore, you should prune:

  • Raspberry Razzle™ and Raspberry Golden Glitz™: Prune all canes to just above ground level in winter.
  • Raspberry Rocket™: Remove second-year canes after they fruit in winter. Leave first-year canes for next year’s harvest.
raspberry razzle fruit

Raspberry Razzle™ Fruit


It’s important to fertilise your raspberries for the best berries possible!

  • Fertilize: Use a balanced controlled-release fertilizer for optimal results. Organic options include compost and aged manure applied in early spring (coming out of dormancy) and autumn.
  • Boost soil health: Consider adding liquid seaweed solutions, worm castings, rock minerals, and other organic materials.

Always check the packet instructions prior to fertilising raspberries. The best way to stay on top of feeding your raspberries is to note the next time you will have to fertilise based on product instructions. Weak growth and discoloured leaves can both be signs of over and under fertilising.

raspberry golden glitz fruit

Raspberry Golden Glitz™ Fruit

With a little care, you can enjoy the sweet rewards of growing your own R-Ripper Raspberries® throughout the season. So why wait? Get planting and savour the taste of summer all year round!

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