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Dwarf Fruit Trees and Ornamentals

Whether you’re a big or small nursery, you’ll always have room for our excellent range of dwarf fruit trees and ornamentals. PlantNet provides high quality products Australia wide, carefully selected for the home gardener. In this area of the website, we provide retail garden centres with practical information on deciduous fruit trees, where to buy our products and when, and how to answer customer queries about growing deciduous fruit trees and ornamentals. We also provide printable handouts for your customers, pest and disease identification charts, and specific varietal information.

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Why choose PlantNet


We’re proud to work with fruit tree growers across Australia to produce plants you can enjoy in your garden.

Wide variety

Everyday staples and more unique varieties are available throughout Australia. Choose fruit trees that suit your climate, clients, and passion.

Highly Sought After

Our Dwarf Fruit Trees and Ornamentals are highly sought after in the retail nursery market. Our varieties are unique and exclusive.

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