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The fruit growing on your trees will become ripe at various times on the year, and is dependant on many factors. Below is a guide to which months your fruit will be ready for harvest. Note: These are approximate maturity times only, and may vary depending on your location and between years.

Fruit TypeVarietyJanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember
AppleCumulus (Columnar apple)xx
AppleHarmony (Columnar apple)xx
AppleHerald (Columnar apple)xx
ApplePom Pink (Columnar apple)xx
AppleDwarf Monty’s Surprise applexx
AppleLeprechaun Apple x x x
ApplePinkabelle apple x x x
AppleSuper Dwarf Anna Applexx
AppleSuper Dwarf Dorsett Golden Applexx
AppleSuper Dwarf Gala Applex
AppleSuper Dwarf Golden Del Applexx
AppleSuper Dwarf Jonathan Applexx
AppleSuper Dwarf Lady Williams Apple (WA ONLY)xx
AppleSuper Dwarf Red Delicious (Hi Early) Applex
AppleSuper Dwarf Red Fuji Applex
AppleSuper Dwarf Sundowner Applexx
ApricotDwarf Bulida Apricot x
ApricotDwarf Divinity Apricotxx
ApricotDwarf Moorpark Apricot x x
ApricotDwarf Trevatt Apricot x x
ApricotDwarf Fireball Apricot x x
ApricotDwarf Storey’s Apricotxx
ApricotDwarf Tilton Apricotx
BlueberryBlueberry Burst x x x x xx
BlueberryBlueberry Kissesxxxxxxx
CherryDwarf Lapins Cherryxx
CherryDwarf Morello Cherryxx
CherryDwarf Sir Don Cherryxx
CherryDwarf Stella Cherryxx
CitrusLemon Heavenxxxxxx
CitrusMaestro mandarinxx
NectarineDwarf Crimson Baby Nectarine x x
NectarineDwarf Early Rivers Nectarinex
NectarineDwarf Fantasia Nectarinex
NectarineDwarf Flavortop Nectarine x x
NectarineDwarf Goldmine Nectarinex
NectarineDwarf Necta Red Nectarinex
NectarineDwarf Peacharine (Nectarine)x
NectarineDwarf Sundowner Nectarinex
NectarineDwarf Tuscany Nectarine x
NectarineDwarf Royal Gem Nectarine x x
NectarineDwarf TangOs Nectarinexx
NectarineSuper Dwarf Sunset Red Leaf Nectarine x x x x
NectarineTropical Sensations/TangOs Nectarinex
NectarineTropical Sensations/Nectarinaxx
NectarineTropical Sensations/Sunny Belle Nectxx
PeachDwarf Angel Peach Flat xx
PeachAngel Peach Subtropical x
PeachDwarf White Gold Peach x x
PeachDwarf Fresno Peach x x
PeachDwarf Golden Queen Peach x x
PeachDwarf O’Henry Peach x x
PeachDwarf Anzac Peachxx
PeachDwarf Elberta Peachx
PeachDwarf Indian Peachxx
PeachDwarf Red Noonan Peachx
PeachDwarf Crimson Rocket Peachx
PeachDwarf Silvan Sunset Peachxx
PeachSuper Dwarf Sunset Red Leaf Peach x x x
PeachTropical Sensations/Delight-Ful Peachxx
PeachTropical Sensations/Early Beauty Peachx
PearDwarf 20th Century Nashi Pearx
PearDwarf Bartlett Pear/Williams Bon Creitienx
PearDwarf Bonza Pearxx
PearDwarf Beurre Bosc Pearx
PearDwarf Christmas Pear (cocktail pear label)
PearDwarf Cool Crisp Pearxx
PearDwarf Corella Pearx
PearDwarf SunGold Pearxx
PearDwarf Josephine Pearxx
PearDwarf Kosui Nashi
PearDwarf Mirandino Rosso Pearx
PearDwarf Nashi Pear
PearDwarf Packham’s Triumph Pearx
PearDwarf Pretty Face Pearx
PearDwarf Red Face Pear
PearDwarf Red Princess Pearxx
PearDwarf Red Sensation Pearxx
PearDwarf Seckel Pear
PearDwarf Sunshine Pearxx
PearDwarf Sweet Reward Pearx
PearDwarf Winter Nelis Pear
PearDwarf Yali Pearxx
PlumDwarf a-okay Plumx
PlumDwarf Angelina Plumxx
PlumDwarf Damson Plumx
PlumDwarf Donsworth Plumxx
PlumDwarf Elephant Heart Plumxx
PlumDwarf Golden Drop Plumxx
PlumDwarf Green Gage Plumxx
PlumDwarf Gulfruby Plumxx
PlumDwarf King Billy Plumxx
PlumDwarf Mariposa Plumx
PlumDwarf Narrabeen Plumxxx
PlumDwarf President Plumxx
PlumDwarf Prune D-Agen Plumxx
PlumDwarf Robe De Sargentxx
PlumDwarf Ruby Blood Plumxx
PlumDwarf Santa Rosa Plumxxx
PlumDwarf Satsuma Plumxx
PlumDwarf Spring Satin Plumcotxx
PlumDwarf Sugar Plumxx
PlumDwarf Sunrise Gulf Plumxx
FigSweet Temptation Figxxxxx
PomegranateMidnight Velvet Pomegranatexxx
PomegranateRed Velvet Pomegranatexxx