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Raspberry Razzle™

Essential Information

Variety Jdeboar

  • 75m (h) x 0.6m (w) – genuine dwarf with a ball shaped habit.
  • Long and prolific fruiting, from summer to autumn.
  • Classic sweet raspberries.
  • Perfect for pots, containers, and kitchen gardens.
  • Thornless (small hairs present) primocane variety.
  • Suited for part shade to full sun.

Meet Raspberry Razzle™, a new raspberry variety that boasts convenience, aesthetics, and taste all in one! This variety is a standout amongst all raspberries currently offered in Australia. The dwarf, mounding ball habit of Raspberry Razzle™ makes it accessible to all home gardeners because it removes the need for stakes and ties. Raspberry Razzle™ fruits on one year old canes with an abundance of classic sweet red berries from summer to autumn.

Raspberry Razzle™ suits pots, containers, balconies, and kitchen gardens alike. This variety is perfectly at home in full sun or part shade and is a great introductory raspberry for beginner gardeners.

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Raspberry Golden Glitz™

Essential Information

Variety Jdeboar

  • 1m (h) x 0.75m (w)
  • Beautiful bright golden leaves.
  • Classic sweet raspberries, harvest through summer to early autumn.
  • Perfect for large pots, containers, balconies, and gardens.
  • Low thorn (hairs present) primocane variety.
  • Suited to part shade.

Raspberry Golden Glitz™ is arguably one of the most stunning new raspberry varieties for the home gardener in Australia! Boasting gorgeous golden leaves, this raspberry is as ornamental as it is productive. Fruiting on thornless new canes, Raspberry Golden Glitz™ is quick to produce and rewards families with deliciously sweet, classic raspberries throughout summer.

Raspberry Golden Glitz™ performs best with part shade in rich, well-draining soils or grown in containers. Prune to 25cms as leaves start to drop before winter. This variety is perfect for containers, balconies, hedges, mass plantings, and kitchen gardens alike!

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Raspberry Rocket™

Essential Information

Variety Hara

  • 2m (h) x 0.6m (w) – a genuine naturally upright raspberry!
  • Strong woody canes mean that no staking is required to produce an abundance of fruit.
  • The medium sized droplet shaped berries are uniquely flavoured and have an intense dark red colour. This variety fruits early in summer and has a long harvest period – right through to autumn.
  • Perfect for pots, containers, hedging, and kitchen gardens.
  • Deciduous floricane variety.
  • Winner of international awards.

Meet Raspberry Rocket™, the world’s first naturally upright raspberry! Raspberry Rocket™ is an elegant new variety available for Australian home gardeners and is like no other. No stakes are required for the strong canes that create a columnar shape. Raspberry Rocket™ is a floricane variety, meaning that it fruits on its second-year growth. The teardrop shaped fruit is an intense dark red colour with a unique flavour, harvestable from summer to autumn.

Raspberry Rocket™ is suited to pots, containers, small spaces, hedges, or feature planting. Plant in full sun to part shade in well-draining soil or in a large container.


Home gardeners with limited space can struggle to successfully grow raspberries as most varieties are traditionally planted in ground, in lines, with staking or strings for structural support. As backyards get smaller and more gardeners don’t have land to plant, raspberry varieties that grow easily in pots will be the solution to these pain points. All three varieties in this raspberry range will grow well in pots in full sun or part shade. This range is incredibly flexible and will reach many home gardeners throughout Australia.


All three varieties will sucker like other raspberry varieties. We suggest for this reason that gardeners grow them in pots.

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Not suited to coastal, subtropical, or tropical climates. These raspberries do require enough winter chill to reliably produce raspberries.


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