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Sweet Temptation™ Fig

Essential Information

Variety Red Conadria

  • Size: 3.0m(h) x 3.0m (w)
  • Fruit: Medium to large sized fruit. The skin matures red/maroon and the flesh is a dark red jammy texture. Low susceptibility to fruit splitting.
  • Harvest: First crop in early Summer; second crop in Autumn/early Winter depending on climate.
  • Pollination: Self-pollinating; no wasp needed!

A great selection of fig that is easy to grow in both cooler and warmer regions. Sweet Temptation™ Fig has low vigour and requires feeding to promote faster growth. For this reason, Sweet Temptation™ Fig is ideal for pots, tubs, and confined spaces.


Sweet Temptation™ Fig is an easy to grow, prolific producer of fantastic fruits. This variety is suited to most Aussie climates, and most Aussie backyards. The only requirements for this variety are – full sun, frost protection, and a pot at least 500mm wide.

Home gardeners will notice that growth is slow between fertiliser applications and in normal home conditions is very manageable. This variety will grow successfully in the same container for years but will eventually need to be either repotted or have its’ roots trimmed back to be replanted in fresh mix.

For best results in fruit quality, home gardeners should use controlled release fertiliser on their figs twice a year – once in early autumn and once in early spring. They should also use liquid fertilisers and soil conditioners periodically to maintain the condition of the soil.

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Common FAQs

When will my Sweet Temptation™ Fig fruit?

Usually in its first year – this fig is very prolific. A breba crop is possible for this variety and is of good quality, but the best crop will be the higos in late summer/early autumn.

How do I attract the fig wasp for pollination?

This variety doesn’t need to be pollinated – it is self-pollinating.

How do I prune a fig tree?

Use a central leader or open vase shape and remove suckers as they appear. Prune in winter as required, Sweet Temptation™ can tolerate hard pruning very well. It will then fruit on new growth, so support the tree with regular water as it grows for maximum fruit.

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