Dwarf Self Pollinating Almond

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This self-pollinating almond variety has large, broad, paper shelled kernels and ripens mid-season. Nuts have a good sweet flavour and are relatively versatile with their uses. This variety can be stored in the shell for months. Once almonds are shelled store them in an air tight container. Harvest nuts just as the shell starts to split open. All varieties chosen in the Dwarf range produce full size fruit and are sweet and crisp to eat. A low maintenance tree ideal for backyards, pots, or tubs because of its dwarfing tree size. Please be advised we recommend dwarf trees are staked permanently due to trees producing high crop loads.

Not recommended for coastal Qld and Northern NSW as climates are generally not dry enough.
Map of suitable areas for growing.
A low maintenance, open canopy tree, with large, white/pink flowers in the Spring, ideal for confined spaces because of its dwarfing tree size.
Tree height
Tree width
Skin colour
Brown to tan
Fruit shape
Almond shape
Fruit size
Medium (almond size)
Harvest time
Jan-Feb(depending on climate)
Fruit uses
Eating fresh, cooking
Prolific bearer with great storage