Pom Pink™ (Columnar Apple)

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Pom Pink columnar apple trees are created to grow straight up. Enjoy the benefits of an apple tree that grows in a narrow space yet produces huge fruits! Pom Pink columnar apple has excellent eating quality and is both a bee magnet while flowering and a kid magnet when fruiting!

PlantNet® offers you the most recent columnar apple variety releases in Australia! Plenty of pollinators are available in the PlantNet® exclusive range.

Not recommended for coastal Queensland and Northern New South Wales as the winters are not cold enough to produce fruit.
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From the collection:
Ideally suited for growing in pots, tubs and confined spaces and even balcony growing. 
Tree height
Tree width
Skin colour
Pink skin
Creamy white, crisp and juicy
Fruit shape
Round/slightly tapered
Fruit size
Slightly sharp
Harvest time
March to April
Fruit uses
More suitable for cooking, stewing, apple cider and dried apple
Prolific bearer