Super Dwarf Red Delicious Apple

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This apple variety has been available in Australia for many years but PlantNet® now makes it available as a Super Dwarf apple variety. Super Dwarf Red Delicious apple has medium to large size apples with a medium sweetness and white, juicy, highly aromatic flesh, with a crimson to dark red skin which harvests in February.

Skip your trip to the grocery store and invest in your own Red Delicious Apple! Get the added benefit of an apple tree that will fit in a tight space within any backyard. Plenty of pollination partners are available in the PlantNet® exclusive range, including Pinkabelle®, Leprechaun®, Golden Delicious and Fuji.

Not recommended for coastal Qld and Northern NSW as winters are not cold enough to produce fruit.
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From the collection:
This is a low maintenance tree ideal for backyards, pots, or tubs because of its super dwarfing tree size.
Tree height
Tree width
Skin colour
Crimson to dark red
Crisp, white and juicy flesh
Fruit shape
Fruit size
Medium to large
Sweet and aromatic
Harvest time
Fruit uses
Eating fresh, stewing, apple cider, cooking and dried apple
Prolific bearer