Dwarf Trevatt Apricot

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Trevatt apricot has been available in Australia for many years and PlantNet® now offers it to the home gardener as a Dwarf Trevatt Apricot. All apricot varieties chosen in the dwarf range produce full size fruit and are sweet and crisp to eat. Please be advised we recommend dwarf trees are staked permanently due to trees producing high crop loads.

Not recommended for coastal Queensland northern New South Wales as winters are not cold enough to produce fruit.
Map of suitable areas for growing.
From the collection:
A low maintenance tree ideal for backyards, pots, or tubs because of its dwarfing tree size.
Tree height
Tree width
Skin colour
Pale orange/yellow with a red tinge
Firm and orange
Fruit shape
Slightly oval
Fruit size
Sweet and juicy
Harvest time
December to early January
Fruit uses
Eating fresh, stewing, jams, cooking, preserving and dried apricots
Extremely prolific cropper, fruit may need thinning