Fireball™ Apricot (full size tree)

Available from retail stockists
Partially self-pollinating

Fireball™ Apricot is partially self-pollinating, however will benefit from pollination by Spring Satin™ Plumcot or Dwarf Spring Satin™ Plumcot or another variety which flowers at the same time.

Fireball Apricot is a tried and tested apricot variety that has been available in Australia for many years, and has been selected for its exceptional eating quality. Available as a full sized tree from retail garden centres and hard ware stores – Fireball Apricot suits backyards and home orchards around Australia!

Not recommended for coastal Queensland northern New South Wales as winters are not cold enough to produce fruit.
Map of suitable areas for growing.
Tree height
Tree width
Skin colour
Smooth and deep orange
Firm and orange
Fruit shape
Fruit size
Sweet and juicy
Harvest time
November to December
Fruit uses
Eating fresh, stewing, jams, cooking, preserving and dried apricots
Prolific bearer and not prone to fruit cracking