Dwarf Stella Cherry

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PlantNet® has chosen this variety for its great eating characteristics and the fact that it is self – pollinating (no pollinator required).

Stella cherry variety has been available in Australia for many years. Now,  PlantNet® makes it available as a dwarf Stella Cherry. Dwarf Stella Cherry trees will grow to half the height of a standard cherry tree but will have full sized fruit!

Traditional cherry growing climates. Not suitable to coastal NSW or Qld climates (except Stanthorpe).
fruit tree growing suitable map Australia
From the collection:
Fruit production, espalier, pots, feature tree or specimen shrub. Good for pots and tubs.
Tree height
2.0m - 2.5m
Tree width
Skin colour
Bold red (resists cracking)
Crisp, firm and juicy
Fruit shape
Heart shaped
Fruit size
Sweet and juicy
Harvest time
Early to late December – January
Fruit uses
Eating fresh, jams, preserves and cooking
Prolific bearer