Dwarf TangO’s® Flat Nectarine

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“Dwarf TangOs” Not suitable for climates such as QLD and Northern NSW as the dwarfing root stock used is not suitable for those climates.

Full size tree TangO’s available from retail nurseries in QLD as we have chosen a rootstock suitable for QLD climates.

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Variety Q 108-65



Dwarf TangO’s® Flat Nectarine is a novel, flat, yellow fleshed nectarine which is suitable for cooler growing regions. TangO’s Flat Nectarine has excellent eating quality and can be enjoyed by gardeners in cooler growing areas as a dwarf, and in warmer growing areas as a full sized tree. TangO’s Flat Nectarine is a PlantNet® exclusive and is highly sought after Australia wide!.

New South Wales(not including northern NSW), South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia.
fruit tree growing suitable map Australia
Tree height
Tree width
Skin colour
Dark red over yellow background
Yellow fleshed clingstone (small stone)
Fruit shape
Fruit size
Small to medium
Sweet, firm and juicy
Harvest time
Subtropical areas- December, colder areas- January to February
Fruit uses
Eating fresh, stewing, jams, cooking, preserving
Prolific bearer