Blueberry Kisses® – Double Kisses

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(This pack includes 2 x Blueberry Kisses plants)

Variety MB-007

Available in from stockists in New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia. Available from Bunnings stores and selected independent retail nurseries in Queensland. We cannot ship from our online shop to WA or Tasmania due to interstate quarantine restrictions.

Blueberry Kisses® is an Australian bred, evergreen blueberry variety. It is a naturally dwarfing and self-pollinating blueberry variety that is characterised by the extra-large fruit size. The fruit size and dwarfing has been achieved by traditional plant breeding methods developed over many years. Please be aware that the growth habit of this variety is not quite as bushy and compact as Blueberry Burst.

If all of our recommendations on the blueberry plant care page are followed, you can produce fruit up to three times larger than current blueberry varieties available to the home gardener. Harvest occurs over three to four months resulting in a constant supply of delicious, healthy, antioxidant rich fruit. Blueberries have actually been nick named brain berries and youth berries because of their high antioxidant levels.

Blueberry Kisses is a low chill variety, flowering and fruiting over a four to six month period with an exceptionally high yield. It has been trialed and fruited successfully in both hot and cold climates across Australia.

Grow as a pigeon pair for a longer harvest season

When planted with our second variety, Blueberry Burst®, home gardeners will receive a constant supply of fresh tasty blueberries for around six to eight months of the year.

Beginning and length of harvest will vary depending on region, climate and how the plants are grown. 

All climates except frost prone areas with -4°C and below temperatures.
From the collection:
For best results we recommend planting in pots or tubs.
Tree height
Tree width
Skin colour
Dark blue to purple
Fruit shape
Fruit size
Sweet, juicy, crisp, melt in your mouth
Harvest time
Warm climates: August to January; Cool climates: September to February
Fruit uses
Eating fresh, jams, preserving, salads, cooking or freezing
Prolific bearer