Subtropical Angel Peach™

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Variety UFO cv Fla.98-7CP

Available from QLD and WA

Subtropical Angel Peach™ is a novel flat yellow fleshed peach. This page is for the full sized Subtropical Angel Peach™. Subtropical Angel Peach™ is only available as a dwarf fruit tree from WA

This variety is part of the Tropical Sensations® range, a group of very low chilling varieties suited to subtropical and coastal climates as far north as Rockhampton in Queensland.

Qld as far north as Rockhampton, northern NSW and warmer areas of WA.
Not suited to Tasmania as this is a low chill variety and winters are to cold.
fruit tree growing suitable map Australia
From the collection:
Tree height
Tree width
Skin colour
Orange to dark red over yellow background
Yellow fleshed, clingstone (small stone)
Fruit shape
Fruit size
Small to medium
Sweet, firm and juicy
Harvest time
Subtropical areas in December, colder areas from January to February
Fruit uses
Eating fresh, stewing, jams, cooking, preserving
Prolific bearer