Midnight Velvet Pomegranate- Pack contains 1 plant

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Midnight Velvet Pomegranate trees produce medium sized fruit which has dark red skin to black with a rich red juice coming from the pulp.

This tried and tested pomegranate variety is perfect to use as a feature tree, for fruit production, or planted 2m apart for a hedge. Australian growers have had great results with this variety. This pomegranate is a large shrub with lush, green foliage. Pomegranates are deciduous to semi-deciduous in Australia, depending on the local climate.

This pomegranate is self-pollinating and great for large tubs. Flowers are a very attractive vibrant orange!

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All areas except late frost prone climates
fruit tree growing suitable map Australia
From the collection:
Feature plant, hedge, good for pots.
Tree height
Tree width
Skin colour
Dark Red to Black
Red grains (arils) separated by a white to cream pith
Fruit shape
Round to smooth hexagonal
Fruit size
Harvest time
Late summer to august in most parts of Australia
Fruit uses
Fruit can be eaten fresh, juiced, used in cocktails or to produce wine.