Pigeon Pair Pack includes-1 x Red Velvet Pomegranate plant plus 1 x Midnight Velvet Pomegranate plant

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Why buy one when you can buy two?

Included in this pack are our incredible Midnight Velvet Pomegranate and Red Velvet Pomegranate! With similar cultural requirements, both pomegranate varieties do well in the same backyard.

Both of our pomegranate varieties will grow well in all areas of Australia except those that get late frosts – savvy gardeners can overcome this with careful plant placement, the use of pots, or frost protection!

Enjoy the best of both worlds with this combo of a black pomegranate (Midnight Velvet) and a dark red (Red Velvet) pomegranate!

All areas except late frost prone climates
fruit tree growing suitable map Australia
Feature plant, hedge, good for pots.
Tree height
Tree width
Skin colour
Dark pink to red
Red grains (arils) separated by a white to cream pith
Fruit shape
Round to smooth hexagonal
Fruit size
Fruit uses
Fruit can be eaten fresh, juiced, used in cocktails or to produce wine.