Raspberry Rocket™



Variety Hara


Available from Spring/Summer 2024

Meet Raspberry Rocket™, the world’s first naturally upright raspberry! Raspberry Rocket™ is an elegant new variety available for Australian home gardeners and is like no other.

No stakes are required for the strong canes that create a columnar shape. Raspberry Rocket™ is a floricane variety, meaning that it fruits on its second-year growth. The teardrop shaped fruit is an intense dark red colour with a unique flavour, harvestable from summer to autumn.

Raspberry Rocket™ is suited to pots, containers, small spaces, hedges, or feature planting. Plant in full sun to part shade in well-draining soil or in a large container.

Not recommended for coastal Queensland or northern New South Wales as winters are not cold enough to produce raspberries.
fruit tree growing suitable map Australia
Great for edible gardens in a pot or planted, and tight, narrow spaces! Plant in full sun to part shade.
Tree height
Tree width
Skin colour
Rich red
Extremely juicy
Fruit shape
Fruit size
Sweet, unique raspberry flavour
Harvest time
Summer to early Autumn
Fruit uses
Eating fresh, cooking, or baking!
Floricane variety - canes fruit in their 2nd year.


Site Selection – Plant in full sun. If planting, prepare your site with compost, soil improvers, or composted manure.

Planting Dig your hole at the time of planting. Dig a hole twice the width of the pot, and one and a half deep. Backfill with a mixture of premium garden soil. Mulch and water in well. Note – do not use this fill in extremely clay or sandy soils. Create a mound, spend time adjusting your soil, or use a pot. See more information about this in the growing guides in our Plant Care tab.

Potting – Use a pot at least 30cms wide and deep. Use high quality premium potting mix. Mulch and water in well.

Staking – Staking is not necessary.

Watering – Use the 1,2,3,4 method to establish. Water once a day for a week, then every two days for two weeks, then every three days for three weeks, and so on. Always adjust to your local weather and increase watering in hot and windy weather, decrease in cold or rainy weather.

Fertilising – Use a balanced fertiliser blend. The main fertilising period is early Spring and again in Autumn. Yellowing leaves can occasionally be a symptom of a hungry plant. You can try to remedy this with a fast-acting liquid fertiliser, or repot into a larger pot.

Pruning – This raspberry produces berries on 2-year-old wood. Prune canes that have fruited in late Autumn/early Winter as the plant starts to drop leaves.

Pest & Disease Control – Netting is the best way to protect your raspberries from animals!

For further information, visit our Plant Care page to view all of our growing guides, fertiliser trials, and seasonal tips!


Please note that raspberries can sucker and spread when planted in the ground.