Alford Blaze™

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Platanus orientalis

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This variety of Platanus (plane trees) has thick leathery, deep green leaves which transform into the most amazing, fiery Autumn colouring in shades of deep orange, bronze, and red. Alford Blaze’s stunning display continues for a long period over the Autumn and into early Winter when other plane trees are either still green or turning to the usual brownish, gold shades

Other Plane Tree cultivars pale to insignificance beside this stunning plane tree that has become well known for its exceptional foliage. With maturity the bark will exfoliate in typical plane fashion, revealing cream under-bark and the distinctive, patterned trunk results. Alford Blaze is a neat well-proportioned plane tree tree that should attain a broadly pyramid shape with age. It is a hardy tree that will withstand hard frosts once is established.

Alford Blaze™ is better suited to the southern states of Australia. It will produce much better colours in open sunny positions.

Not recommended for coastal Queensland and northern New South Wales, due to the high rainfall.
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