Green Mist™

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Ulmus Parvifolia

Chinese Elms are a group of larger trees, highly regarded for parks, avenues and properties where they are excellent for providing shade. Elms are hardy and resistant to winds, many adverse conditions and are tolerant of atmospheric pollution. Elms are long-lived, generally moderate to slow growing trees that are quite tolerant of drier conditions once established and can eventually become quite large trees. The Elms planted around the streets and parks of Australia are a highly valued feature. Elms are best planted in winter when dormant and are suitable for the cold to cool temperate regions of Australia.

PlantNet® is proud to introduce this fantastic new release of variegated Chinese Elm called Green Mist to the home gardeners of Australia. This selection has much stronger variegations than previous selections available in Australia, with much more white colouring on the leaf and a very deep green coloured background. When trees are young and growing strongly the variegations will fade in mid- late spring. As tree mature the variegations will remain longer, however they will still fade in summer. The tree will grow to around 10m, however it can be contained with light pruning. Ulmus parvifolia (Chinese Elm) trees are also more resistant to Elm Leaf Beetles than other Elms.

This is a very hardy tree that will tolerate a range of soil conditions and will grow in full or part shade. 
Map of suitable areas for growing.
From the collection:
A great shade tree due to its dome shape and is ideal for street or driveway plantings.
Tree height
Tree width
5 - 6m