Pink Duchess™

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Variety DMV Pink 1 (Leaf curl tolerant)

(Available from the online shop as dwarf only)

This beautiful new flowering peach tree is a special variety due to its leaf curl tolerance. It produces bunches of extra-large, dark pink, multi-petal flowers in spring time. What a great flowering display to have in your garden in spring! Plant as individual trees or a hedgerow along a fence or driveway. Prune to any shape required.

Available from selected retail nurseries as full size trees growing to 3.5 m in height from SA and VIC and dwarf trees growing to 2.5 m in height from the PlantNet online shop, WA, NSW and VIC.

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From the collection:
Tree height
Full size tree 3.5m- Dwarf tree 2.5m
Tree width
Full size tree 3.0m- Dwarf tree 2.5m