Red Knight™

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DMV Red 1 (Leaf curl tolerant)

(Available from the online shop as dwarf only)

A beautiful new flowering peach tree, Red Knight™ is a special new variety due to its leaf curl tolerance. It produces bunches of extra-large, dark red, multi-petal flowers in spring time. What a great flowering display to have in your garden in spring! Plant as individual trees or a hedgerow along a fence or driveway. Prune to any shape required.

Available from selected retail nurseries as full size trees growing to 3.5m in height from SA and VIC and dwarf trees growing to 2.5m in height from the PlantNet online shop, WA, NSW and VIC.

Suitable in the following highlighted areas.
fruit tree growing suitable map Australia
From the collection:
Tree height
Full size tree 3.5m- Dwarf tree 2.5m
Tree width
Full size tree 3.0m- Dwarf tree 2.5m