Codling Moth Trap

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The Codling Moth Trap Kit contains 1 x Delta trap, 1 x sticky inserts, 1 x wire hanger, 3 x male attractant lures.

For use in Apples, Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots, Pears and Plums throughout Australia. Regions of Australia where the kit is recommended are Mediterranean, Cool Temperate, Cold.

Commence monitoring at petal-fall and continue until mid autumn.

These powerful pheromone lures attract male moths by mimicking the scent of the female moth. Each lure product is species-specific and can be used to monitor activity of the adult population of that species.

Monitoring these moths with pheromone traps gives an early warning of the arrival or emergence of the pest and gives an indication of pest pressure throughout the season. This information can be used to improve pest management decisions.

Use these pheromone lures with Delta Traps.  Check traps weekly, removing any moths and incidental insects from the sticky base of the delta trap or the inside of the bucket trap. Replace the sticky inserts in delta traps when they become filled with dust or insects. Replace the pheromone lures monthly.