Fruit Fly Attractant Bait

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DacGEL powder is a water dispersible formulation containing yeast protein autolysate and a natural soluble mucilage producing a unique and highly attractive fruit fly bait gel. The specific yeast protein autolysate used in DacGEL solution has been tested under laboratory conditions and field conditions by commercial fruit growers and shown to be a powerful attractant for pest species of fruit flies and is formulated at optimum concentration as a food bait for female and male fruit flies.


Instructions for use

About DacGel™ fruit fly bait powder

For control of Queensland fruit fly (Bactrocera tryoni), lesser Qld fruit fly (B. neohumeralis) and Mediterranean Fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata), the gel spray is made by dissolving DacGEL powder in water and adding a pesticide registered for uses in the home garden as mentioned in the instruction leaflet which come with the product.  A recommended insecticide for use is in the information supplied with the pack and is best applied to other non fruiting trees and shrubs surrounding fruit trees not directly to fruit crops.

Careful preparation of the gel solution is necessary as lumps may form which prevent easy application through a spray nozzle. Warm water (20-35ºC) facilitates easy mixing. Gel consistency is achieved about 10-15 minutes after mixing is complete and is thereafter stable. No wetting agent is required and a biocide is included in the formulation to slow biological degradation. Unused spray may be stored under refrigeration for 1-2 weeks.

Use entire contents of each sachet on each occasion as the powder absorbs moisture from the air and will harden after opening.


5g vials for 400ml home garden trigger sprayers.

One 5g vial makes 400ml spray (will treat 40-50 trees).

Fill 400ml sprayer bottle with water leaving a generous air gap over the liquid. Pour in entire contents of a 5g vial. Insert the sprayer pump and cap, quickly tighten, then shake vigorously for 1 minute until all powder is dispersed and no lumps remain. Add registered insecticide to prepared gel at recommended dilution rate and shake to mix.

Application and properties

Apply to other trees like natives or your fence line. Apply 10-15ml DacGEL prepared mixture as 1 to 3 (depending on size of trees) 75cm spray patches to the lower skirt of each tree, or as a 75cm wide spray band to the lower shaded foliage of the canopy. Apply to new areas of trees on successive treatments.

The gel spray has strong adhesive properties to shiny leaf surfaces and is moderately rain-fast. In shaded foliage the gel will remain moist for several hours and re-hydrates with dew, while dry residues of DacGel on leaves remain attractive to foraging fruit flies. As prepared spray gel is biologically degradable, spray equipment should be flushed thoroughly after use to avoid putrefaction. Unused spray gel will keep for 1-2 weeks if stored at 4ºC.

DacGEL sprays should be applied perimeter of garden and vegetation at 7 day intervals commencing 3-5 weeks prior to fruit becoming susceptible to fruit fly attack and continuing to the end of harvest. Although dried residues on leaves have moderate rain-fast properties, re-application to dry foliage is essential if heavy, prolonged rain occurs.

In area-wide fruit fly eradication programs, DacGel should be applied every 7-10 days at 10-15mL per tree to all host trees or a minimum of 25 shade trees per hectare to supplement male annihilation technique (MAT) treatments. Store product in a cool, dark place.

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Most effective when used in conjunction with Fruit Fly traps