Queensland Fruit Fly Trap

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PlantNet now offers a Superior Queensland Fruit Fly trapping kit – The WildFly™ trap – a male fruit fly lure system.

An improved Steiner- type trap for “monitoring” male Queensland Fruit Fly populations. Recommended attractant wick fruit fly station. Used on commercial farms with huge success for over 20 years. Now available to home gardeners through PlantNet

Attractant range 200-400m

This Queensland Fruit Fly Trap Kit contains 1 x trap and 1 x  Fruit Fly bait. This QLD Fruit Fly trap attracts the the male fly with a female fly pheromone bait.(Bait lasts one season) Please be aware this is another tool in controlling fruit fly and this should be used in conjunction with the protein bait which we also sell. Reducing the number of male fly’s available to female fly’s is an important part of the control process.

Begin using traps in early Spring through until harvest is complete.